Why is it called a book app?

Our stories are more than eBooks. They are interactive experiences, written in second person, that allow kids to make all the choices in how a story unfolds. It's a fun way to get kids to read, become better readers, and hopefully, start a lifelong habit.

How can Story Bayou help my child become a better reader?

Putting your child in the driver’s seat of every story and having them call the shots adds a level of interaction to the reading experience that makes it more entertaining. If kids are having fun reading, they’ll read more. And the more they read, chances are the better they will get.

My child has a hard time reading chapter books. Is Story Bayou right for him?

The beauty of our stories is that each book is really a series of short stories with intertwining plot lines. The reader does not get overwhelmed with the breadth of the story, because they encounter it one piece at a time. The structure makes it easy for an inexperienced reader to get through longer works.

How can I find out about new Story Bayou book apps?

Send us your email address, and we'll let you know when new titles come out (and we won't bother you any other time, we promise!) Like us on Facebook for book updates and more.